Model Maker

Producer of Models, Prototypes and Technical Sales Promotion Material  

Single Item or Small Series

All models are high quality and produced in a fully equipped workshop. 

Although these kinds of products traditionally involve lots of manual work, many operations are performed with modern machines such as lathes and mills using CAD-CAM and CNC solutions.

Typical construction materials are metals, polymers and wood. 

  • Metals consist of brass, steel, aluminum alloys, copper and tin. 
  • Typical polymers are acrylic, ABS, PVC, PE and silicone. 
  • As for wood, the preferred type is alder tree, but aspen and even balsa might sometimes be a smart solution, especially when it comes to laminated structures. For thin wooden details, aircraft plywood comes in handy and is available as thin as .016″.

All the numerous components will then have to be joined together. Depending on the construction materials, this is done with one or more of the following methods.

  •  Various types of glue
  • Tin or silver soldering
  • Gas, TIG or resistance welding
  • Riveting
  • Machine screws in threaded holes

There are lots of options.

Finally there’s the top coating. 

  • For metal surfaces, polishing and a clear lacquer or sprayed with a thin layer of etching primer and then painted. 
  • For wood several (sometimes as many as 25) layers of sprayed cellulose paint with sanding in between. 
  • For non-museum models, modern two component automobile coating is often used 

The bottom line is the customer is king and his or her requirements rule.

Model Maker